Vegan, the wholefoods way




When we first start thinking of turning to plant-based food, occasionally or full time, we may feel restricted. But you can actually turn that upside-down !
In this session Suzy Sumner will do just that. She will emphasize exactly the opposite by presenting the large variety of possibilities at our disposal and more precisely the unprocessed or 'whole' foods options, without leaving you craving.

Suzy Sumner will guide you to think about all the doors that open when choosing a plant-based approach to food, focusing on ‘real’ food rather than ‘substitutes’ or highly processed foods. In a fun and interactive way she will introduce some ideas and principles of preparing food and making sure that your taste buds are still happy! Alongside that of course we will be making sure you have the basics to ensure that all your nutritional needs are met, that your energy levels and mood stay up and your cravings lie low

Suzy is a certified nutritional health coach.
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