Some history

EVA got founded in 2000. Back then, the organisation was entirely run by volunteers. The first projects existed of the organisation of a 'V-day' and the development of restaurant guides of different cities. It was also the start of the EVA magazine for members.


Since 2005, EVA received structural grants from the Flemish government. Finally, we could hire paid staff. A coordinator and administration employee worked together with our growing number of volunteers.


In 2007, the Thursday Veggieday campaign was launched. With this campaign, the broad public got involved and meat reduction was introduced as a first step to switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet.


Thursday Veggieday was a huge success! In 2009 the campaign got a lot of international media attention and got known all over the world. The city of Ghent became the first 'Thursday Veggieday City': the first govenment focussing on meat reduction towards its citizens for health and environmental reasons. Since that day, plenty of other cities followed the great example of Ghent.


Today, EVA has grown into a professional organisation with paid staff and about 350 volunteers. Our specialised campaigns target different audiences: Thursday Veggieday encourages people to take their first steps into the veggie kitchen; or the Easy Vegan campaign for persons who a curious about going vegan all the way.


We have several partnerships with companies, retail and other NGO's. We collaborate with collegues abroad through a European project called Erasmus+. Thanks to workshops, best practices and providing great opportunities for networking, the Erasmus+ helps the EVA staff and volunteers to professionalise.

Thursday Veggieday

EVA developed the campaign Thursday Veggieday to stimulate people to have at least 1 vegetarian day a week. The city of Ghent was the first city supporting the campaign. Other Belgian cities like Brussels followed.


EVA teams up with several partners to get the campaign widely known. We implement the practice in different schools, companies, health care institutions, catering companies, restaurants,... Our different programs reach out to different target audiences. If you like to know more about our campaings in detail, please contact melanie@evavzw.be.

Impact and studies

In order to gain impact, one has to know what works and what doesn't, who is interested in participating and what these people need, or perceive as barriers.

So in 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2018, EVA conducted a poll among the Flemish population to gain insight in these topics. The agency iVOX executed theses studies which are representative for the flemish population.

Read more on the iVOX study 2016 (pdf)
Read more on the iVOX study 2018 (pdf)